Our Responsibilities

'To make our best better'

Langer Primary Academy will do its best to enable pupils and staff to give their best and to achieve their best:
- Spiritually
- Morally
- Socially
- Intellectually
- Physically

Langer Primary Academy aspires to achieve its aim by:
- Developing the individual talents of all pupils to their fullest potential, enabling them to gain the best results and qualifications of which they are capable.
- Engendering a sense of personal worth and physical well-being, enabling pupils to become self-confident, self-reliant, self-disciplined and responsible, in an environment that offers support, guidance, and counselling as necessary.
- Creating an enjoyable, lively and creative process of teaching and learning.
- Promoting high standards of behaviour, good personal relationships and respect for the individual whatever his or her age, abilities, race, background or creed.
- Providing an environment in which all staff experience a sense of professional well-being and are willing to give their best.
- Fostering the partnership between pupils, staff, parents/carers, governors and the wider community.
- Ensuing 'every child matters'.

As part of our charter you can expect the following from us:
- Access to all required equipment 
- Regular homework
- Uniform list
- Parents' consultation meetings
- Regular Reports
- Regular newsletters
- Open/Information evenings
- Extra-curricular Opportunities
- School policies