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Shells - Yr 1

Welcome to Shells


Teacher comment: ‘Hello and a warm welcome back to Shells Class! This term the Shells team is made up of myself (Miss Le Grice) and Mrs Houldsworth. We have an exciting term ahead of us with lots to learn and discover. I hope you’re looking forward to the term ahead as much as I am! ‘

Our topic is term is ‘Lands and Oceans’.

In literacy we will be learning a poem and changing it to be about the visiting the 7 continents. Later on in the term we will also be learning a pirate story and writing some of our own fiction work around this. We are still making sure that we get out capital letters and full stops in the correct places and that our handwriting is cursive with tall letters clearly being tall and long letters clearly hanging below the line. This term we are especially working on spelling our y1 common exception words correctly within a longer piece of writing.

Phonics- In mid June all year 1 children will be taking part in the Phonics Screening Check. We have daily Read Write Inc phonics lessons to prepare for this and help with reading. As preparation this term we will be doing lots of fun phonics sessions as part of our literacy which help us to look for ‘special sounds’ within words and blend and decode. We will also be playing lots of ‘alien word’ games which are pseudo-words for children to read.  


In maths we are still learning through mastery flow. The children responded really well to this style of learning last term and it has helped to challenge all children at an appropriate level. This term we will be learning how to solve basic multiplication and division questions using practical resources and drawings. We will also be comparing and learning to record different measures including lengths and heights, mass/weight, capacity and volume and time (hours, minutes, seconds). We are always reinforcing and practicing basic skills in year 1 such as: counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s, finding 1 more than/ less than any number to 100, counting forwards and backwards over 100, writing any 2 digit number, forming all numbers by starting at the top etc.


In the first half of the summer term we are focusing on the ‘lands’ part of our topic. We will learn about the 7 continents of the world and use geographical vocabulary to describe some of their features. In the second half term we will focus on ‘ocean’. Our learning here will be linked to the theme of pirates and discovering the 5 oceans of the world. There will be lots of exciting opportunities for art and design, even including creating a healthy pirate snack in D&T.


Homework - Handed out on a Friday, due in on the following Wednesday.

Spellings - Handed out on a Friday, tested on a Friday.


Our P.E. day is Monday.

Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit including trainers and plimsolls.
P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of every half term to be washed.

Please ensure children with long hair have their hair tied up. Please ensure earrings are taken out.

Other Information

Children should be reading every night with an adult. Please read with your child as many times a week as you can and sign their reading diary. Reading diaries are checked every morning by an adult. Children who read with an adult 5 times are eligible for entry into the ‘reading challenge’ and have a chance to win a book.

WOW assemblies are each and every Friday at 2:30p.m.

We invite all Parents/Carers to our WOW assembly. Each week at least one child per class receives the WOW award for something brilliant they have done that week!

Rhiannon Macdonald,
9 Feb 2016, 10:01